Barbie Means Business

Growing up, girls are told they can be anything they want to be. 

But what's a dream without the do. The tools? Or support? 

It's time Barbie became more than just a doll. 

It's time she got the future girl bosses ready for business. 

The Barbie Means Business app is where girls come to gain life skills, career knowledge and business tools. Open the app, type in your information and select your Barbie Dream Planner to get started.

Girls are given the option to personalize their Barbie Dream Planner to fit their personality. The maturity level and career focus of the app is also determined during the creation of each girl's profile.

Through the AI communication system, girls can ask their Barbie Dream Planner business related questions ranging from budgeting to finding possible career mentors.

Attention spans are short. We made staying up to date with what’s happening in entertainment and business fast and easy. Simplified news stories means all ages can understand and speak about what’s currently happening.

Parents want to give their child the tools to succeed. On the back of the career-focused Barbie packaging, we will include information on how to download the Barbie Means Business App.

Home economics classes are disappearing from schools, or they are just out of touch. Through school partnerships, the Barbie Means Business Club will educate girls on the life skills they will actually use after graduation.

Copywriter: Taylor Hagin