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Diet Coke: Boost Inside
Role: Art Director
Copywriter: Katie Hughes

ACDs: Ian Flannery and Madeline Adams
Content Creators: Brendan Ek and Casey Coulter
Diet Coke has the uncanny ability of knowing exactly what you're going through. So whenever you need a boost, Diet Coke is there for it with a fizzing hilarious commentary on life. 
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will also accept diet coke
as payment. 

- @dietcoke

DSC01526 (1).jpg
but text me when you get there and let me know what i'm not missing 

- @dietcoke

me bribing my coworker
to cover my shift.

- @dietcoke

DSC00502 (1).jpg
so thankful you can't burn diet coke. 

- @dietcoke

don’t mind if i do.

- @dietcoke
for when you feel like throwing
in the towel.

- @dietcoke
tbh this is the only
proposal i'd say yes to.

- @dietcoke
all about sweat pants,
house plants, and diet coke.

- @dietcoke
falling in love with diet coke.

- @dietcoke
Screen Shot 2022-03-29 at 10.19.55 AM.png
tgif it.

- @dietcoke
where do i rsvp?

- @dietcoke
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