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Coke with Coffee
Role: Art Director
Co-Art Director: Alejandro Mandujano

Copywriters: Amy Char & Nick Hulsey
CDs: Daniel Cobb 
Illustrator: Loe Lee
Music Producer: Joel Bear
Coke jumped into the coffee game with a new product to help you glide through the afternoon slump. So we created the perfect partnership, Coke with Coffee lo-fi pick-me-ups.

cocacola Coke with Coffee turns your afternoon “blahs” into afternoon “ahhs.”


cocacola Take a sip of Coke with Coffee and wave goodbye to those after-lunch yawns.

cocacola Coke with Coffee is your afternoon’s refresh button.

cocacola When your head starts to dip, it’s time for a sip 😋  of Coke with Coffee.

cocacola Coke with Coffee is one sip closer
to EOD.

cocacola Be an afternoon person. Just grab a Coke with Coffee.

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