Auraed by Sherwin Williams 

Colors surround us. They make up our being and complete our auras.   

People are not the only ones who possess an aura but spaces as well.

Sherwin Williams compliments the colors of your aura and adds

the ultimate personal touch to any space.


Transparent installations will interact and constantly shift with their surroundings. Boards will highlight Sherwin Williams' paint, and educate those on how to capture the feeling of a certain space.



Auras can only be captured through a specialized form of photography. Photo booths will be

placed in high traffic areas and in-store to capture the aura of individuals. 

After a photo is captured, one is directed to Sherwin Williams to discover their own personal color palette. Based on their aura, Sherwin Williams will help enhance or alter their home's aura through the use of color selection.


Each aura photo will be fitted with a code. Participants can then input their 

personal code into to have their aura reading sent to them.

Copywriter: Gerald Render Jr.